August 9, 2011

Grand Finale: Whistler

Our last stop on the trip was Vancouver. Even with some trouble we had to go through the time was great. Awesome city, even though not very much Canadian, with a terrific landscape.
And what do we find near Vancouver, right: Mountains, mountains and Whistler!

Check out the clip:

March 25, 2011

Our time on the road part 2

It is time for some more pictures:

Entrance to a stoning city

there are two of these boats in front of Treasure Island (the name of the hotel) and one is sunk in a pirate show every three hours each day of the week

these two just got married inside the hotel Venecian

the famous fountain in front of the Bellagio (remember Ocean's eleven?)

some gambling machines

a castle inside the hotel Excalibur

New York New York with the statue of liberty, a little bit smaller than the original, but still...


on every corner, people trying to "sell" sex, really annoying after a while and doesn't matter if your a couple or not

two hours out of Las Vegas: Death Valley

rest of a ghost town on the edge of Las Vegas, originally build up for gold mining, what else brings you there...

a little bit more than two hours away: Hollywood/LA

one star

a lot of stars

if we remember correctly, the villa where Michael Jackson died

view over the beach of LA

Disney Land, that's a really happy place! makes you feel like a little child for at least one day

the beach of LA in bad weather, but still with surfers

and skaters

a little bit up the coast: Santa Barbara

Monterey Bay Aquarium

some little seehorses

and a bigger one looking like a plant

the coast at Monterey, rough but beautiful

Unfortunately our pictures from San Francisco (our best pics) were taken away with my MacBook... So I can't show you these. But I will upload some more the upcoming days from Mt. Hood and Vancouver! 

ride safe!

February 28, 2011

The Canyons - what a park!

As we were in Salt Lake City we had to head out to Park City. There are so many resorts up there but we picked the right one with The Canyons. The terrain park is awesome and it is a lot of fun riding through the trees. It was totally different to what we saw so far. But just watch the clip:

February 23, 2011

Whitefish to Vegas (States part one)

It was some time ago that I showed you pictures of our trip... Just a few words and a best of in pics!

Terrain Park Whitefish

Our best view on Mount Rushmore (it was better than it looks like in the picture)

The headquarter of the Mormons in Salt Lake City (unbelievable huge...)

The temple of them in Salt Lake. Only special people allowed to go in.

Salt Lake from a top view. It's hard to tell that there is a city that size down there. It's spreading out over a huge area, you drive forever from north to south...

The big park at Park City, unfortunately closed due to the Freeskiing Worldchampionships and a shooting with Mr. White, that didn't happen.

They have long and unbelievable wide runs there!

My first broken binding ;-)

Zion Canyon. A must see National Park!

Bryce Canyon National Park.

Bryce Canyon from the top

Insider tip: Horseshoe Bend. We stumbled over this nice part of the Colorado River because we had to wait till our van was checked. Made the waiting time not so hard.

(Marlboro) Monument Valley

The deep and huge Grand Canyon

no words (only four)

Hover Dam

Vegas and the rest of our trip will follow in a later post.

Watch out and ride safe!

February 16, 2011

Tree runs at Panorama

After the roads were open again, we could finally get to Panorama Mountain Village. Although we had to watch out for Mountain sheeps standing on the roads licking salt. ;-)
At Panorama we had a day with a lot of awesome Canadian powder. Again. They had so much snow that they were not able to open the whole mountain due to avalanche risk. Best description for the terrain: gourgeaous and endless tree runs!
The brand new terrain park looks great as well. There are a lot of boxes, rails and kickers and even a fun little boardercross section in between. Unfortunately it was too icy when we were there.
After a nice day with icy slopes but great powder tree runs at Panorama Mountain Village we went to the hot springs at Radium to relax. No one should miss this experience after a good day of snowboarding!

Ride safe!

February 6, 2011

Powder powder powder and a nice Terrain Park

In Sunshine Village there is no need to use manmade snow because they get enough for the whole season. We were really lucky and arrived on a day with a lot of fresh so called "champagne snow". The visibility wasn't good at all but the weather got better every day and so we had a perfect last day at Lake Louise. Both resorts can score with a great variety of steep runs, tree runs, cliff drops and so on. You find pretty much everything you can imagine.
At Lake Louise they built a brand new boarder cross which is supposed to be one of the biggest all over Canada. Therefore the terrain park found a new spot which provides a perfect terrain for advanced riders and experts as well.
All in all: 40cm of fresh pow, one bluebird day and a great terrain park!

January 31, 2011

Wild wild West

Western Bars, animals and cheap beer! We arrived in the USA.
After some relaxed days in Fernie, with awesome food, a lot of Dexter episodes and some good games we started our adventure in the states. We crossed the boarder south of Fernie. After getting our van checked, answering some questions about our plans and paying 12$ (we don’t know what for), we were on US roads heading to Whitefish in Montana. We were directly welcomed by some American Eagles, eating a dead dear in the ditch. On the same day we had our first real American experience in a Cowboy bar with cheap food, beer and peanuts, yeah! And the best was that you were allowed to through the leftovers of the peanuts on the floor...

Some days later we had an unbelievable awesome day at the Yellowstone National Park. It is really hard to describe the nature and all the animals we saw and we took so many pictures, that it is easier to show you as many of them as possible. Here is the slideshow:

If you ever should have the chance to go there, do it! It is an awesome and unforgettable time for sure!

That’s it for now. By the way, the clip of Sunshine and Lake Louise is as good as ready.

Stay tuned and ride save!