February 16, 2011

Tree runs at Panorama

After the roads were open again, we could finally get to Panorama Mountain Village. Although we had to watch out for Mountain sheeps standing on the roads licking salt. ;-)
At Panorama we had a day with a lot of awesome Canadian powder. Again. They had so much snow that they were not able to open the whole mountain due to avalanche risk. Best description for the terrain: gourgeaous and endless tree runs!
The brand new terrain park looks great as well. There are a lot of boxes, rails and kickers and even a fun little boardercross section in between. Unfortunately it was too icy when we were there.
After a nice day with icy slopes but great powder tree runs at Panorama Mountain Village we went to the hot springs at Radium to relax. No one should miss this experience after a good day of snowboarding!

Ride safe!

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