January 31, 2011

Wild wild West

Western Bars, animals and cheap beer! We arrived in the USA.
After some relaxed days in Fernie, with awesome food, a lot of Dexter episodes and some good games we started our adventure in the states. We crossed the boarder south of Fernie. After getting our van checked, answering some questions about our plans and paying 12$ (we don’t know what for), we were on US roads heading to Whitefish in Montana. We were directly welcomed by some American Eagles, eating a dead dear in the ditch. On the same day we had our first real American experience in a Cowboy bar with cheap food, beer and peanuts, yeah! And the best was that you were allowed to through the leftovers of the peanuts on the floor...

Some days later we had an unbelievable awesome day at the Yellowstone National Park. It is really hard to describe the nature and all the animals we saw and we took so many pictures, that it is easier to show you as many of them as possible. Here is the slideshow:

If you ever should have the chance to go there, do it! It is an awesome and unforgettable time for sure!

That’s it for now. By the way, the clip of Sunshine and Lake Louise is as good as ready.

Stay tuned and ride save!


  1. very cool bar!

  2. Hey, Eddie and I have been to that bar. We had a blast.

  3. it's an awesome bar! I wonder why we don't have a bar like this in germany...