March 25, 2011

Our time on the road part 2

It is time for some more pictures:

Entrance to a stoning city

there are two of these boats in front of Treasure Island (the name of the hotel) and one is sunk in a pirate show every three hours each day of the week

these two just got married inside the hotel Venecian

the famous fountain in front of the Bellagio (remember Ocean's eleven?)

some gambling machines

a castle inside the hotel Excalibur

New York New York with the statue of liberty, a little bit smaller than the original, but still...


on every corner, people trying to "sell" sex, really annoying after a while and doesn't matter if your a couple or not

two hours out of Las Vegas: Death Valley

rest of a ghost town on the edge of Las Vegas, originally build up for gold mining, what else brings you there...

a little bit more than two hours away: Hollywood/LA

one star

a lot of stars

if we remember correctly, the villa where Michael Jackson died

view over the beach of LA

Disney Land, that's a really happy place! makes you feel like a little child for at least one day

the beach of LA in bad weather, but still with surfers

and skaters

a little bit up the coast: Santa Barbara

Monterey Bay Aquarium

some little seehorses

and a bigger one looking like a plant

the coast at Monterey, rough but beautiful

Unfortunately our pictures from San Francisco (our best pics) were taken away with my MacBook... So I can't show you these. But I will upload some more the upcoming days from Mt. Hood and Vancouver! 

ride safe!