December 27, 2010

The trip starts

After three months of work and an awesome time in Medicine Hat our road trip through Canada and the North of the States is kicking of tomorrow.
First destination: Fernie. Heard they got fresh snow there the last days!

Ride safe!

December 26, 2010

First Videoblog: GoPro Helmet Cam - testing different mounts and angles

We have been to Hidden Valley, the local Ski resort one hour away from Medicine Hat. I was testing different mounts and angles for my new GoPro Helmet Camera. Leave me a comment, if you got any other ideas, where to put it and how to film!

Enjoy the snow!

More work, more snow, more snowboarding/travelling (posted on Nov. 19th, 2010)

At first view, this doesn’t seem to match. In our case it does. I just received the news that I can work at the construction company till the end of December. My girlfriend already knew that she could work at the restaurant till after Christmas. With the money we own, our upcoming road trip seams pretty solid. And with all the snow we got so far, we got best conditions for the season and a lot of snowboarding. Does it make sense? For me it sounds awesome!
As I already told you I spent the first hours on my board! After a half day search I found some good kicker and rail spots. I even found some powder in the ditch behind the truck. This weekend I hope to head to the nearest ski resort Hidden Valley and get some riding at a real ski lift grin

Check out my pictures!

Snowboarding in the ditch behind the truck

December 25, 2010

First entry comes with first snow (posted on Nov. 19th, 2010)

It started with a snowstorm at the beginning of the week and by now we got close to half a meter of snow. Great start into the season and hopefully the first days on the board in Alberta on the weekend!
But what happened so far: 
After a 24-hour trip, we (my girlfriend Vera and me) arrived in Calgary on the 16th of September. We are here on a so-called working-holiday visa. Vera is on a holiday semester and I just finished University. 
After three days in Calgary, getting used to the time change and the cold weather (it was snowing the night we arrived) we headed to Medicine Hat. Medicine Hat is a city three hours east of Calgary with about 61.000 residents. Medicine Hat was our first destination, because I have relatives there. So far it was the best decision to make! 
We were really lucky with the weather after the first days in Calgary (it was snowing the night we arrived). It has been good for almost two month, which gave us the chance to do a lot different things and getting to know the life in an Alberta summer. We have been wakeboarding, horseback riding, fishing, bowling, at hockey games and travelling a lot. Check out all the pictures at the bottom! During that time we also had to learn that everything is bigger, longer and wider than back at home.
Beside these adventures our main goal was to get work and to save money for our upcoming road trip. We had to learn that at the moment it is as hard as in Germany to find a job. Especially looking for a job for a few weeks or months only. But we both were lucky in the end! Vera is working at a buffet, where she is making a lot of tips and I am working in construction. Even though it is pretty hard since the winter started last week and working in snow and with up to -20 degrees, but it is the best exercise and preparation for the upcoming season! Others pay a lot of money to go to the gym every day and I even get paid for doing that wink
And there we are. The first ski resorts will open on the next weekend and I started my season with a little kicker at the local sledge hill. I hope to show you some footage the next time. 
Have a great start into your season!